Parent Involvement

Commonwealth Facilitation Group

Parent Invovlement

It is our belief that if we focus on Elevating, Enriching and Empowering parents/caregivers they will be better able to meet the needs of their children. Commonwealth Facilitation Group has developed and launched

Family Engagement INSPIRE Program ™

Commonwealth Facilitation recommends that every school district develop a Family Involvement Plan, which will engage families, educators, businesses, and other community members in education. Plans work to engage parents in the development of a written parent involvement policy that breaks down barriers to greater participation. We believe that parents can be active team members in student success and we also see the value of an in School Parent Resource Center. The center can coordinate parent involvement strategies with other educational programs that are focused on high achievement. There is value in sharing with parents information about Title I programs and to also share school performance profiles and individual student results. Parents need to be informed and understand school curriculum, assessments, and school proficiency levels. Also In-School Parent Resource Centers allow parents to become comfortable with the school system and allow parents to share experiences and make suggestions. Our vision is to facilitate timely responses to suggestions and to jointly develop with parents a school-parent compact that outlines shard responsibility for improved student achievement.

Our goal is to provide training to help parents work with their children to improve their achievement. To provide training for school personnel on how to work with parents. And to find appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses. And when appropriate ensuring school information is provided in the home language.