Grant Preparation and Management

Commonwealth Facilitation Group

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned professional in a large institution or a part-time volunteer at a small grassroots agency, the job of grants manager involves a difficult balancing act: ensuring that a program staff have the latitude to accomplish something meaningful at the some time that every obligation to the funding source is met. the less time and energy you devote to cautions oversight, the greater the risk of running into compliance problems. The more time and energy you devote to dotting every i and crossing every t, the greater the risk of impending progress and favoring form over substance

How do you meet these competing demands? The answer will vary according to the operating style of your organization, the complexity of your project, and the nature of the funding source, but effective management of any grant depends on certain core principles. Adhering to those principles is especially important in the case of government grants, where compliance and reporting requirements tend to be most rigorous. But they are also valuable in managing grants from foundation and corporate sources - helping to build a relationship of trust with your founders and making the management process within your organization more orderly.